Anti-Blue Light Glasses
Anti-Blue Light Glasses
Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Anti-Blue Light Glasses

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  • Enjoy Using Devices Without Risking Long Term Eye Injuries!
  • Constantly staring at a computer or television screen can start to cause some major eye issues, even over a short period of time!
  • Studies show that overexposure to blue light leads to blurry vision, trouble focusing at a distance, dry eyes, headaches or even neck, back and shoulder pain.
  • To combat these issues, we've developed these specially designed Anti Blue Light Glasses just for you! They are designed to lighten the load on your eyes and prevent any serious damage. They even block out the harmful blue light that our screens emit!

    • Many Styles, Find a Pair That Fits You - These glasses are unisex! Whether you're sitting at home playing games for fun, or typing up important documents for work- Look good doing it! We offer many different styles, with two different lenses. Find a pair that fits you!
    • Protect Eyes & Prevent Future Issues - Avoid getting eye damage without having to get off computers, tablets, phones and much more. You won't have to worry about eye damage or any of the terrible traits that come along with it! Focus on work longer and be more productive!
    • Great for video game players - These glasses help your eyes to see a contrast between colors, which helps when trying to spot enemies. Professional players use them to give them a leg up when playing against the very best!

    It's finally time to say goodbye to the common systems of excess screen time:
      • Eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, eye fatigue
      • Headaches, neck pain
      • Double vision, vertigo/dizziness, difficulty refocusing the eyes
      • Reduction of melatonin production
      • Change of sleeping cycles (circadian rhythms)


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